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Joey Paler

Master Home Inspector and Regional Approved Trainer (Consumer protection BC)

Joey received his certifications after extensive study from the Carson Dunlop Training Institute, the most comprehensive home inspector training program in North America. Joey’s background comes from 15 years of combined management experience in the manufacturing industry. He always has the eye for quality and detail, holding positions in both as Quality Control Manager in charge of quality assurance and as a Technical Manager involved with quality process controls. Joey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and this has helped ascertain his skills in both management and technical fields.

Joey’s management career and education background tied with his years of experience with home improvement and renovation projects has helped define his role as a home inspector. In addition, the rigorous program he underwent with Douglas College Home Inspections certification ensures that Joey has had extensive hands-on, in-the-field training and education.

Jason Paler

Property Inspector

Jason’s background in management in the manufacturing industry has benefited him in the home inspection business. His many years in a management role collecting data, analyzing information, problem solving and making key decisions has given him the analytical skills in understanding complex systems such as a home. This analytical skill is essential because there are many inter-related systems within a home, such as plumbing, electrical, heating, AC, ventilation and the home structure.

During his tenure in the manufacturing industry, he also gained further educational training in BCIT’s Occupational Health and Safety program. His role within the Occupational Health and Safety team promoting security and safety measures within the organization enhances the inspections services that he provides. He will provide recommendations that would highlight safety to the home and for the family living in it.

Jason’s comprehensive training in Carson Dunlop institute, OHS background, certification through Consumer Protection BC and on-going continuing education with InterNACHI will ensure that your home goes through a proper inspection.

Matthew Battung

Property Inspector

Matthew has been certified through Carson Dunlop’s comprehensive training program. He continues to educate himself through extensive field training and is a active member of CANACHI and INTERNACHI.

Matthew also holds a degree in applied science. After obtaining his degree, he worked as an intern for a software company and after just 5 years, he became a Quality Assurance Engineer Manager. After his software engineering career, he then chose to challenge himself in sales and customer service, as a sales representative for Frito Lay. Even without experience in sales, he went on to achieve sales representative for multiple years in a row. Shortly thereafter, Matthew was offered the Accounts Development Management position, but Matthew has always had a sincere interest about the complex system of a home, so he decided to become a Home Inspector. It doesn’t matter what Matthew is doing in his life, whatever he does, he is always dedicated to his craft. With all of his experience, he learned the importance of customer service and attention to quality work and has applied these skills to home inspecting. Matthew knows his role as a home inspector is important to the home buyer, seller and real estate agent. He respects all parties involved and does his best to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. He always aims to provide a professional home inspecting service that everyone can benefit from.