Pre-Purchase Inspections

A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive, visual examination of the current condition of a residential building. A home inspection is designed to report observed deficiencies within specific systems and components of a home. The inspection will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge about your new home. A pre-purchase inspection is a wise decision for all home buyers.

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Pre-Sale Inpections

Having a pre-listing home inspection by a qualified home inspector before you list your home for sale can have great benefits. It allows you to see your home through the eyes of a critical third-party.

It helps you to price your home realistically.

It permits you a wider time frame to make unexpected repairs so that defects won't become negotiating stumbling blocks later and it can reduce your liability by adding professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.

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Home Warranty Inspections

Warranty inspections are performed right before your 2-5-10 year Home Warranty expires. The inspection will be performed to verify that proper building techniques were used and that the various components of the home were properly installed. You will be presented with a completed report at the end of the inspection along with digital photos taken as needed. A home warranty inspection is a wise decision for all new construction home buyers.

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Renovation Deficiency Inspections

Renovations done improperly can be hazardous for anybody occupying the home. Renovation inspections can help assess signs of poor workmanship, sub standard materials and incomplete renovations.

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Home Maintenance Inspections

You will receive an analysis of the current condition of your home. If you own rental property you will want to know if any repairs are required. You may wish to correct any problems or make renovations to your home to keep it in top notch shape and help to protect your investment. A home maintenance inspection is a wise decision for all homeowners.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermographic scans in a home are systematically performed on surfaces with the intent of revealing thermal variations that would be typical of the defects suspected for a particular surface or component being scanned. For example, the purpose for scanning a door or window would be to identify thermal patterns consistent with air infiltration; the purpose for examining ceilings under bathrooms may be for the purpose of searching for evidence of water leaks below plumbing fixtures; the purpose of examining cathedral ceilings may be for the purpose of searching for areas of missing insulation, etc.

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We offer warranty services with our inspections.

90 Day Warranty

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